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In their first foray into Bali, French interior architect Stephan Remini and GLA Hotels have entered into partnership to build and market the new Nyaman Villas, an extraordinary development of 4 four-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom villas, located deep in the sophisticated and upscale enclave of Seminyak.

Stephan Remini is the designer and inspiration for this stunning new project in which he worked in collaboration with Grace Leo from GLA Hotels. His approach to designing houses is to conceptualize the product to match the customer’s style, understanding fully that they demand only the very best in taste and sophistication.

Stephan has a distinguished career as an interior architect and has worked on a number of large projects in France for many high profile members from the worlds of entertainment, business and politics. “I love to offer elegance, sobriety and generosity in my designs”, says Stephan. “With Nyaman Villas I think we have achieved this. The living spaces, gardens and bedrooms have all been designed to provide not only style and space, but also to create a feeling of the spirit of Bali in the heart of Seminyak”.

Like many high-end villas in Bali, Nyaman Villas has been beautifully built to the highest international standards with state of the art fixtures and fittings. But what really sets these villas apart from the rest is a design that offers generous spaces for comfortable living in a superb central location in combination with the exceptional management and service that comes from its partnership with GLA Hotels and their team of highly qualified professionals.

Five stars services in Bali

The level of service Stephan and Grace want for Nyaman is as a five star boutique level with a personal comfortable style. Five star service is a personal experience and that service should be a calm situation, not a relaxed one. A butler in charge of a situation is a very calm person and the service shows through that. “The butler in Nyaman will be a fully trained professional butler”‚ explains Stephan. “He will be the one who greets you and takes care of you for the entire time you are here at the villa. He will have a team of people who will work with him and they will take care of housekeeping, gardening, etc. He will be on-line, on the phone, at your beck and call, making all the arrangements and doing what a proper butler should do to make you happy”.

As well as knowing hotel management inside and out he is also a professional trainer who trains with military precision. “Training never stops” exclaims Stephan. “80 percent of it is motivation. It is being with the staff and showing them how it is done every day so it becomes second nature”.

Our expertise in Bali for you

Nyaman Villas’ success will ultimately come from a combination of its brilliant design, exceptional service and marketing. The design of a dedicated and passionate interior architect who feels his clients needs and wants, the exceptional service standards that can only come from an experienced international hotel company as GLA, and the sales expertise of Exotiq Real Estate. “I believe that the partnership between us, our combined experience and the concept for Nyaman Group itself will make our customers very happy” says Stephan. “Not only by being a great investment but by also providing a great holiday experience that will never fail to meet the dreams of our clients”.

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200 meters from the KU DE TA and the beach, 150 meters from fancy restaurants.

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